BISCOTTI - confectionery company produces more than 100 types of high quality confectionery. Company was found in 2010. Main production capacities of the company are located in Lviv. 

We do our best to produce goods of uncompromising quality beginning from selection of ingredients, professional approach of pastry cookers to storage and delivery of pastries to customers.

Our mission

Owing to craftsmanship and love to our work to gift real masterpieces of confectionary art to our customers every day.

Our main purpose

To become leaders in the market by creating confectionary goods according to the latest European technologies and using only high quality ingredients.

Our values:

  • quality
  • striving for perfection
  • responsibility
  • professionalism and craftsmanship
  • effectiveness
  • partnership

It makes no difference where you buy products of BISCOTTI Company they are always of consistent high quality.

BISCOTTI is a socially responsible company that cares about its employees.

We devote a lot of time to staff development. We encourage our employees to improve their skills providing them with wide opportunities. Pastry cooks, technologists, doughmakers, bakers, packers, accountants, office managers and drivers are a professional team in which everyone performs their duties diligently and qualitatively.

BISCOTTI is a great employer for people who want to move forward, to achieve high results and who are not afraid of challenges.