Exquisite deserts and more

Professional backers had developed exclusive* confectionary masterpieces especially for BISCOTTI bakery shop available only in the own chain.

Wide range of cakes, pastries, cookies, baked products, bread and other confectionary won’t leave any gourmet to be hard-hearted create special touchy atmosphere in your family home.

In our chain there is the wide range of confectionary products and we make it wider all the time by adding new products and improving our recipes.

We’re proud with providing our guest with:

  • High-quality and tasty products made of delicately selected ingredients
  • Always hot and fresh bakery cooked directly in the café-shops
  • The way you prefer (here or “to go”)

Please learn more about the assortment of BISCOTTI bakery-cafe



Cakes and pastry

Tarts: “Lemon”, “Truffle”, Caramel”, “Vanilla”.

Sophisticated pastry based on tartlet (almond flour) and cream filling, decorated with meringue, nuts or cream.

“Kyiv” cake.

The history of this popular cake was started in 1956. The basis of the cake is egg-white corn with filbert, layered with custard (with brandy and cocoa).

Mousse pastry: “Double berry”, “Lemon”, “Three Choco”

Delicate and light desserts made of mousse and biscuit layers, decorated with milk chocolate or icing.

Pastry: «Zaher», «Spartak», «Esterhaiser», «Napoleon»

Sophisticated desserts, backed with the special BISCOTTI confectioners’ recipes.

“Zaher” is one of the most famous Austrian cake, its history started in 1882 when Franz Zaher had backed it first time. To provide the perfect taste apricot jam is used and sugar syrup with brandy is used for moistening corns.

«Esterhaiser» is considered to be the pastry masterpiece; it’s a Hungary cake, popular since the 19th century. Egg-white and nut corns layered with custard (with white rum) won’t leave anyone indifferent.

“Napoleon” is translated is “1 000 layers” from French language. The very special taste of the cake is made by using the origin corns with special ingredient (beer).

Eclairs: “Vanilla”, “Coffee”, “Choco”.

A popular French dessert backed with custard pastry and custard vanilla, coffee or chocolate crème inside, covered with sugar icing.

Lviv pancake.

Сultic Lviv dessert form BISCOTTI confectioners made of selected ingredients.


Strudel with berry and with apples.

A famous Viennese dessert with generous filling (that includes rum).

Bread, pies, rolls

Bread: «Pan o Leven», «Munich», «Kampan», «Viking», «Scalded with dried fruits», «Ciabatta classical», «Selyanckiy pshenytshyi», «Selyanckiy zhytnyo-pshenytshyi», «Baguette classical», «Baguette with inion».

The wide range of bread from BISCOTTI bakers. Always fresh bread will be appreciated by any very demanding client.


Pies: pie with chicken and broccoli, pie with mushrooms.

Focaccia with cheese and tomatoes.

Tasty and nourishing baking from BISCOTTI bakers will be the great snack or addition to the main dish.


Salty rolls: with mushrooms, with cabbage, with chicken, with cheese.

Sweet rolls:  with apple, with cherry, puff with berry, puff with currants, “ravlyk”

Other rolls: black seed roll, square with seeds.

Salty or sweet rolls with fillings of without it will be the great snack or the dessert for all the family.


*Products are available only in BISCOTTI bakery-cafe